Insight Accelerator

A centralized solution for eDiscovery.

Insight Accelerator helps you quickly zero in on the relevant facts so you can supercharge your case strategy.

Built with robust hardware, fueled by advanced software, and operated by the industry’s best-trained experts, take control of Insight Accelerator from E-STET’s cloud or let E-STET build your own private cloud.


Your Discovery Insight Engine

The core of your Insight Accelerator is E-STET’s discovery insight engine. This bespoke system is configured to your needs and scale.  Your organization’s data is turned into actionable insight that is always easily accessible for important stakeholders.


The three elements

There are three elements of E-STET’s insight engine: software, hardware, and experts. We customize the levels of these three elements to provide you services that directly improve your case strategy without the overhead cost of maintaining licenses and hardware.


What Insight Accelerator can do


Insight Accelerator is your competitive advantage

Answer a few simple questions about your organization and we will be able to show you how Insight Accelerator can make a difference in your legal strategy


Scalable to grow as your organization grows

Key Features


On E-STET’s cloud or on your own private cloud


Fixed, predictable pricing that stays in your control


& Effective

Insight Accelerator is the most efficient way for corporations and law firms to synthesize raw data into valuable and actionable information. Data is a powerful tool that is often under utilized by the law. Insight Accelerator collects, organizes, and analyzes mountains of information relevant to a legal proceeding  processed in a matter of hours.

The Difference

Unlike other eDiscovery solutions that lack transparency and have rigid pricing models, Insight Accelerator is a streamlined tool that puts the power of an eDiscovery solution specially tailored to meet your needs, all with a predictable, fixed pricing model.


The combination of hardware, software, and experts make up a package of services that build your Insight Accelerator engine.

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