Contract Review

Extend the reach of your legal team beyond litigation

Utilizing our expertise and artificial intelligence, E-STET Contract Review and Management makes reviewing and managing new and existing contracts more efficient and cost effective.

E-STET's team of contract reviewers works with in-house counsel to develop a review process and organize contracts at a low cost, all while ensuring quality and consistency throughout the project.

Efficiently Review Documents through Experts and eDiscovery

E-STET's Contract Review and Management service provides a scalable solution to help your legal team manage all kinds of different projects, from contract management, to negotiations, to monitoring your IP portfolio.

  • Review contracts during the negotiation process 
  • Review contracts during the due diligence process
  • Review contracts for compliance risks
  • Track your IP portfolio 
  • Identify expiration and renewal dates for contracts, and set up alerts so you don't miss critical dates
  • Use artificial intelligence to identify different types of contracts within your data repository

Contract Review Features:

  • Efficiently review a large volume of contracts based on a playbook that we help you craft.

  • We'll organize your existing contracts into Onna so that you don't miss any expiration dates or auto-renewals.

  • Our team of attorneys is licensed in California and New York, and overseen by our review experts to ensure quality control. 

  • Our review space is housed in E-STET’s headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles.

Playbook to the Rescue

A company’s legal team shrinks from 4 to 3, but their workload hasn’t shrunk. The number of transactions is increasing, and litigation is picking up. They turn to E-STET for help with their contract review. E-STET placed a bar-certified attorney and former general counsel on a series of transactions that the company was working on. Based on experience from the initial projects, E-STET developed a playbook whereby a larger team of contract reviewers can quickly and cost effectively review a large volume of contracts. The playbook was built with the guidance of in-house counsel, allowing the contract reviewers to identify clauses that matter to the company’s legal team.

Onna for Contract Mangement

E-STET has partnered with Onna to help legal departments manage and organize their contracts. Onna utilizes artificial intelligence to help identify contracts in data repositories like Sharepoint and email accounts. After identifying these contracts, E-STET tags them by contract type, and identifies critical information, like expiration dates. Onna automatically alerts in-house counsel before a contract is set to renew, expire, or other important information, potentially saving you millions of dollars.

I think review should be about getting quality results in the most efficient and cost-effective way. My experience has led me to design E-STET’s Managed Review to achieve those goals.
— Bridgette Harris, VP of E-STET Managed Review


Bridgette Harris

Connect with Bridgette, our VP of Managed Review, to hear about how reviewing contracts with E-STET is better.


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