Data Collector


Instantly collect data from a number of applications.

Make your eDiscovery process less painful and more complete by collecting with the Onna data collector. 


Integrates with these applications and more.

Collectors you may be interested in:

SLACK - Collect channels or entire teams

Office 365 One Drive - Get everything from One Drive

Confluence - Collect all or specific spaces, even behind a firewall

HipChat - Stay tuned. Inquire.

Gmail - Collects all emails and attachments

Google Drive - All of your Drive files are collected

Dropbox - All of your Dropbox files and any public shared files can be retrieved.

Box - Collect all your files and any public shared files 

Data Collector Features:

  • Seamless collection--just enter your credentials and the collector starts collecting, and will update with the latest data as you collect.

  • Capture all metadata in an eDiscovery defensible manner.

  • Export in a forensic format, ready to be processed.


The Complete Discovery Engine:

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