Project Management Portal

Have a birds eye view of your project with LIVE. LIVE gives our clients early case assessment tools, provides document review management that shows the progress of reviews, and tracks project costs.


Our comprehensive project management platform, Live™, is your real-time case management control center.

Delve deeper into the analytics of your cases for actionable, in-depth insight from your data. Live also tracks every part of the EDRM process, ensuring the defensibility of your eDiscovery practices.


Project Specifications

Submit your case requirements and specifications in Live™ for clear, defined communication between counsel. Centrally view all case support information online for all projects.



The dashboard offers transparency and control over your cases in Live™. Quickly glance at all of your key process metrics for a simple view of your cases.



Customize shareable reports on  Live™ to have reports on any of the metrics collected in the platform. Easily export case statistics for deep analysis and strategic insight.


LIVE™ improves eDiscovery workflows and defensibility. 

LIVE™ features:

  • Project dashboard provides a bird's-eye view of projects

  • Early Case Assessment helps you collect and process only the most relevant data, giving you control over cost

  • Billing management gives you an overview of your costs

  • LIVE's tracking feature ensures that the eDiscovery process is defensible

The eDiscovery industry hasn’t done a good job at being transparent. E-STET built LIVE to make sure our clients could see the entire process, and have complete control over the eDiscovery component of case strategy.
— Michael Dunn, President of E-STET



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