Managed Services

E-STET's Managed Services offering has provided exceptional value and cost predictability to eDiscovery.

E-STET Managed Services

A customizable, all-in-one solution to power your legal team.

E-STET Managed Services provides the flexibility of owning an eDiscovery solution, managed by E-STET. We offer a customized blend of hardware, access to experts, and a wide range of eDiscovery software, across the full EDRM, all at a fixed, monthly price.


Key Features


Scalable to grow as your
needs grow


On E-STET’s cloud, your own private cloud, or on-premise


Fixed, predictable pricing that stays in your control


The three elements

There are three elements of E-STET’s Managed Services: software, hardware, and experts. We customize the levels of each to provide services that directly improve your case strategy, without the overhead cost of maintaining licenses, hardware, and a large staff.

Three elements_Managed Services

A law firm cut its eDiscovery
spend by 60 percent, while increasing its bandwidth  

E-STET Managed Services makes boutique law firms more competitive and capable of handling BigLaw-sized cases. One boutique litigation firm will cut its eDiscovery expenditures by more than 60 percent through E-STET's custom-built managed services.

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A client lowered its eDiscovery spend 51 percent, and improved data security

E-STET Managed Services reduced one client's eDiscovery spend by 51 percent compared to the traditional transactional approach. By consolidating data into a singular private cloud, E-STET Managed Services also reduced risk of data breach.

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E-STET Managed Services Capabilities


E-STET Managed Services is your competitive advantage

Our Managed Services team has strengthened law firms and corporations through our customized packages of software, hardware, and experts. Learn how Managed Services can help your legal team accomplish more.


E-STET's Managed Services combines
hardware, software, and experts to power your discovery engine.

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