E-STET, a company built by immigrants, stands with immigrants

E-STET is committed to an open and welcoming United States. This is what we’re doing to further that, and how you can help.

Source: Genaro Molina of Los Angeles Times

Source: Genaro Molina of Los Angeles Times

E-STET was founded in 2007 by an immigrant who believed that technology could make the law more efficient. Since then, E-STET has been a team of engineers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs who grew up in the the United States and seven different countries across four different continents, all who have been committed to a more efficient legal system in the United States.

Our thoughts are with the family, friends, and colleagues who have been affected by the recent ban. As part of E-STET’s commitment to standing with immigrants, our employees, led by Chief Strategy Officer Aria Safar, have been volunteering their time and donating money to support those who have been impacted. E-STET will be matching employee donations to the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), an organization that, since its establishment, has provided legal assistance to more than 10,300 refugees, and has resettled more than 3,100 individuals from conflict zones to safe new countries.

We have some resources below for you, our community, to join our efforts and help out.

Donate to IRAP or the ACLU, both of which have been defending immigrants and refugees.

Advocate. Call your Congressperson, and then email them to let them know your stance. Here is a guide. You can also sign the petition.

Volunteer if you’re an attorney or speak Arabic or Persian. Reach out to Aria Safar ( who is working with volunteer groups on the ground at airports across the United States.