E-STET's Relativity Offering Now Includes iPad Compatibility as it Upgrades to 9.5

On March 31, 2017, E-STET upgraded its Relativity environment to Relativity 9.5. This provided a lot of new features, including the ability to use Relativity on Apple’s iPad. Relativity for iPad requires iOS 9.0 or later.

What else is new in Relativity 9.5?

Structured Analytics Sets. Easily view which documents have been excluded from your set using the Field Tree browser and click on Included and Excluded tags under the relevant set to view these documents. This is consistent with how reporting works for Analytics Indexes.

Email thread visualization tool. The tool has been completely re-designed to make it easier for you to review and code email documents in Relativity. This tool is only available for email threads created using Structured Analytics in Relativity or higher. Its features:

  • Visualize the email actions, order and branching of an email thread

  • See where missing emails, duplicate spares, and attachments exist and navigate directly to an email's duplicate spares or attachments by hovering over the relevant email icon in the thread.

  • Instantly verify how emails were coded across a thread by selecting a Yes/No or single choice field.

  • Make mass editing changes to emails in the thread directly from the visualization.

Improved Structured Analytics error handling

  • No longer need to manually filter out large documents.

  • Documents with more than 30 MB of extracted text are now automatically removed from the Structured Analytics set and flagged in Document Errors.

  • For Textual Near Duplicate identification, documents that only contain numbers or that do not contain text will have the Textual Near Duplicate Group field set to Numbers Only or Empty.

  • Email threading task errored documents are now reported in Document Errors (but not removed from the set).

Batch sets. When you click Create Batches within the Batch Sets console, Relativity automatically submits the documents in the batches for conversion.

Choices. The Manage links that first appeared in Relativity 9.3 are now visible in Mass Edits and Relativity Dynamic Objects.

Conversion. If you're experiencing issues when converting images, you can now manually add the MaximumImageCountForViewer instance setting to your environment.

Fact Manager. The new Outlines tab in Fact Manager allows you to easily build case narratives within Relativity. Within the Outlines feature, you can create free-form outlines, link to existing Fact Manager objects and documents, and create new Fact Manager objects.

Integration Points

  • To adhere to enhanced security measures, the Import Location field on the Source Information layout is no longer visible when you import a load file, and the root folder of DataTransfer\Import is displayed on the Import Source field by default.
  • To adhere to enhanced security measures, the Export Location field on the Destination Information layout is no longer visible, and the root folder of DataTransfer\ is maintained under the File Repository location, which is not visible to end users. As a result, the Destination Folder field displays "DataTransfer\<name>" by default.
  • The Move Existing Documents field is new on the Map Fields layout of an integration point. It gives you the option of relocating existing documents when promoting data using Append/Overlay mode.
  • The Relativity Instance field is new on the Connect to Source layout. You can use this field to promote data from one workspace to another workspace located in another Relativity instance, specifically a federated instance.
  • You can now import a production load file through Integration Points using import configuration settings similar to those found in the Relativity Desktop Client.
  • You can now import an image load file through Integration Points using import configuration settings similar to those found in the Relativity Desktop Client.
  • The Import Detail fields on the Connect to Source layout have been changed to be more intuitive. Specifically, the Processing Source and Load Data From fields are now called Import Location and Import Source, respectively.
  • The User Folder Path Information field on the Map Fields layout now works when you select Append/Overlay as the overwrite option.

Processing. Relativity Processing now supports OST files from Office 2013.

Layouts. You can now control the vertical space between the lines of text in your document by selecting text and selecting a line-spacing setting from the line-spacing drop down.  Line spacing is left intact when copying and pasting from Microsoft Word.

Mass operations. The Set extracted text size mass operation is now called Set long text field size. You can use the set long text field size operation to calculate long text size and save the value in a decimal field for each selected document.

Relativity Desktop Client command line import tool. The command line import tool now supports the input of Relativity OAuth 2 client credentials as an alternative to username and password credentials when logging in to Relativity through the tool. The option for using OAuth 2 client credentials offers increased security, since it uses access tokens that expire within a specific time frame.

Review. When navigating between the Viewer and document list, the last document that you viewed is highlighted in yellow within the document list when you exit the Viewer.