E-STET is excited to partner with Onna, a knowledge management platform that leverages the power of deep learning, natural language, and machine learning to automatically classify documents, run topic modeling, and sift through documents with powerful analytics.  

Onna improves how companies conduct internal investigations, monitors, identifies, and tracks compliance risks and threats, helps legal departments and law firms run their early case assessment, performs data collections from over 30 data sources, and lets users archive files and institute data retention policies across their enterprise data. 

Data Collections

Seamlessly perform eDiscovery collections from over 30 data sources, including Quip, Slack, JIRA, Confluence, and more.  Run one-time collections or conduct seamless continuous syncs, while your data is instantaneously processed and indexed for advanced searching.  After collection, data is ready to be exported in native format to your favorite review platform. 

Here are just some of the data sources Onna collects from:

Compliance Monitor

Identify, track, and be alerted of compliance risks. E-STET utilizes Onna to consolidate your enterprise data into a central repository and builds searches to identify compliance risks, like unencrypted PII or PHI.  With its Managed Review team, E-STET can assess the data for potential threats or breaches, and alert in-house counsel.

Early Case Assessment

Quickly dive into the data of key individuals at the onset of litigation or an internal investigation, even before the formal eDiscovery process has begun. By taking a look at data from these key individuals early on, case strategy can be calibrated, saving time and money, and improving outcomes.

Vault - Data Archiving and Retention

Enforce document retention policies across your organization's data, all under one platform.  By using  natural language processing technologies, the Onna Vault can focus on retaining only the documents you need, like financial statements or employment agreements.

Legal Hold

Connect with active directory, Workday, Office 365, and other applications to rapidly implement a legal hold across your enterprise data and preserve your ESI instantly with the click of a button. Notify relevant custodians and  send hold emails and create a defensibility report with our customized workflows.