Distill your raw data into rich information

We take the disparate sets of 0s and 1s that is your data and process it into workable knowledge. We make all your data searchable from the industry’s most advanced and widely used platform, Relativity.


E-STET’s processing engines are able to convert terabytes of data into institutional knowledge.

Process Features:

  • 100% searchable text via OCR

  • Full document index

  • 24/7 access to your data

  • High-speed advanced searches

  • Intelligent semantic searching

  • Extract hidden knowledge from your data that you didn’t know existed

Staff is knowledgeable and intuitive. Obviously they have enough experience to know what you need and need to know even if you do not ask all of the proper questions.
— Boutique law firm



Our COO, Bhuvan Singh, can help maximize the insight from your data. Ask him how.


The Complete
Discovery Engine:

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