Managed Review by E-STET

E-STET's Managed Review offers fixed, per-document pricing for document review projects.

A better way to efficiently and expertly review documents

Successful document reviews are performed by attorneys who understand your data and goals. Our attorneys are experts in using technology to review your data efficiently, thoroughly, and in a cost-effective manner.

Efficiently Review Documents through Experts and eDiscovery

E-STET's Managed Review provides a scalable solution to meet your needs for all projects, big and small.

Review Features:

  • Fixed per-document pricing, rather than unpredictable hourly rates.

  • Our review space is housed in E-STET’s headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles.

  • 24 hour building security and keycard access.We provide only licensed, experienced attorney reviewers.

  • We can leverage the latest and greatest technology to help you get better results faster, including relevancy ranking, predictive coding, near-duplicate clustering, and email threading.

I think review should be about getting quality results in the most efficient and cost-effective way. My experience has led me to design E-STET’s Managed Review to achieve those goals.
— Bridgette Harris, VP of E-STET Managed Review


Bridgette Harris

Connect with Bridgette, the VP of Managed Review, to hear about how reviewing with E-STET is better.


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