Screen i/o

Guarding your intellectual property from the greatest threats.

Screen i/o is a service dedicated to identifying and preventing data theft from within companies. Screen i/o looks at incoming, current, and outgoing employees’ data practices to identify threats and liability risks associated with the unlawful dissemination of proprietary data.


There are three events during employment which carry the most risk of data theft

Screen i/o Features:

  • Reduces the risk of employee security breaches

  • Forensic screening and data monitoring

  • Consultations to craft internal data policies

  • Improve your enterprise’s compliance with industry best practices to prevent data theft

E-STET’s input process ensures that any data source can be collected in a quick and defensible manner. Our forensics experts are specially trained to be capable of accurate data collection.
— Bhuvan Singh, E-STET Director of Operations

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