A relationship-based approach to client service that pays dividends and delivers results

The E-STET Accelerator takes a relationship-based approach to project management. By getting to know our clients and understanding their needs and structure, we’re able to create bespoke solutions. We’re also able to support our clients in the quickest and most effective ways.


Our technical team has seen it all. With innovative solutions to crucial problems, E-STET has a proven track record of top-notch technical support.

Beyond relationships, our stellar service is driven by our stellar experts.

Our technical team is the only service provider in North America that holds all of Relativity’s certifications. From computer scientists and forensic experts to specialized attorneys, our team is prepared to address all of your challenges.

When I upload and use Relativity, E-STET has, by far, the best support available out of all of the other tool supports we use. It is so nice [that E-STET] fully answer[s] the questions asked . . . Very competent and wonderful staff!
— Corporate client
Even though there’s a three-hour time difference and I tend to get in extra early, I almost always get an immediate response to a question.
— AmLaw 100 firm



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